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Guitar pickups

KAMI "Katana"

  A humbucker designed for the soloist, a special care has been placed on the articulation and fluidity of playing.
It is powerful, even very powerful with its big magnet, and the steel plates forming its core. It solves the paradox of providing both sharp lows, and also harmonious singing mid-highs.

It uses a  ceramic-aluminum combination, and asymmetric coils, which allows it to transcribe solid rhythmics tones, fluid mediums to facilitate solo, and treble that jumps out a mix without being harsh to the ear.

The Katana gives a strong character to the instrument, lots of harmonics, and can be controlled easily.

KAMI Strat "57"

The best of second half of the Fifties, an incomparable clean tone. These PU are made of especially selected AlNiCo for an authentic stamp, magnetised with precision, and wound with just the right amount of formvar wire.
Sweetness appears within brilliance, an enveloping warmth, and great dynamics. True traditional sound, even the bridge remains in the lower 6k such the original creations, requisite for good sonority in mid/bridge intermediate position.

Available in calibrated sets, or mixed with another PU's.
The neck, mid and bridge pickups are <6k. Mid PU is RWRP for hum cancelling.

(Sample shows neck&mid PU's first, then the 5 positions)

KAMI Blackrose 

Created for neck position, it's a new legend, always higher than the best ones, for a better clarity and definition, without sacrifying warmth.

Blackrose is made of high permeability and great purity alloy, special magnet-wire, AlNiCo and neodyme magnets for an outstanding transparency, exceptionnal reacting-touch, rich tone, warm and precise.

Suitable for any kind of style, it gives a splendid voice to high-class  instruments, and improve greatly the others.

Available with or without cover, and with black pole screws.

KAMI Jazzmaster

  A recreation of a wonderful and unique sixties tone, rarely used for the jazz, but most for surf and grunge.
Dimensions and structure are identical to the original : AlNiCo magnets, Formvar magnet wire, Forbon bobbins, and textile connection wires.
While retaining the vintage spirit, they are optimised to drive modern amps, and being played by actual players, they deliver an outstanding great tone from the first chord.
This set is calibrated for both neck (7.7k) and bridge (7.9k) positions, with humbucking effect onthe middle position. Available separately.
Sample is a neck model, clean then dirty)

KAMI Strat "Lead Bridge"

  Don't trust its ordinary appearance, this single coil is made to get astonishing sounds! Provided with a unique metal load under its base plate, featuring AlNiCo magnets and an athletic winding, it gathers the best to deliver fluid solos and roomy rhythms.

It provides a facility when playing such buckers, but preserves a better note detachment. It always cultivates the paradox by offering balanced sonorities, a light compression, but can react to the dynamics of the player.

Made on innovation, the base is made of Forbon, the magnetic circuit is based on AlNiCo and metal, coil wound with SP AWG44.

  • Powerful lead calibre DCR: 13k
  • Balanced tone

KAMI Strat "Route 66"

A pickup with an incredible heat, a true fellow traveller which makes sounding a guitar as in a dream. Tight and focused bass, hot-mids full of magic, sweet highs.

The "Route 66" crackles magnificiently by itself, and when you impose your playing, it answers, and can offer a vast combination of tonalities.
Rather a demon that an angel, if you're not shaved for three years, this pickup is made for you !

Built in a traditional way, with a forbon base, textile insulated push-back wire, winding is hand-guided with vintage Plain Enamel wire. Rods are hand-beveled and made of AlNiCo mix with special stag.

  • Mean output DCR<6k
  • Very hot and reactive tone

KAMI Mini-HB standard format

For those who like the tone of the Minis-humbuckers, and would like to install them in a guitar planned for humbuckers with the traditional format.

This pickup has sound qualities that only the "mini" produces, with that so typic medium, less invading bass than the "normal" buckers , and fine highs. He sings and crunches at will.

Realized according to the standard humbucker-like dimensions, its appearance does not betray its presence, even the fitting in the guitar remains very easy, and without any transformation.

Assembled with high-quality steels, AlNiCo magnet bar, baseplate out of nickel-silver. The output is achieved with traditional "braided shield", or 4 wires on request. Other bobbin colors available.

(Sample : Christophe Andrieu - Plug'n'Play Band)

Christophe Andrieu on Duesenberg/miniHB format double


An alternative for Strat, with bluffing P90 characteristics , which can be naturally installed in place of stock pickup. Appearance is like an ordinary Strat model, fixed-staggered nickle studs, and fits a standard cover. Available for bridge, mid, and neck position.
It's wound with SPN wire, to identical electrical values as a geniune P90. Even the magnetic pattern is reproduced, using a ceramic-aluminium hybrid.
The result is a powerful and very pleasant, thick tone for wish, and gets immediate blues-rock feeling.
(Sample : JCMilazzo)

KAMI Arashi

A powerful humbucker for Metal tones. Equipped with triple ceramic magnet, which confers a frightening beef, and of two pretty different coils to emphase some typical frequencies.
Very suitable for drop tuning, palm mutes are heavy and loud. Chords are well defined, the notes are sharp and warm.
A specific disposition of the metal parts allow a beautiful mids articulation in solo, by avoiding to be too much "harsh" like the other ceramic pickups.

Arashi means "storm", lots of power, and zero noise neither hum. Available in several colors and sizes, 4 wires output on demand.

KAMI noVH 77

  A pickup for a recreation of these fantastic sensations of artificial harmonics, fire flood, lava drip...

It delivers a well recognised tone, only for those who still are, like me, under the pre-eighties guitar choc !

Based on a PAF model, its structure is still classic, but features two unbalanced bobbins showing 9k resistance, A2 bar magnet, and a special assembly method allowing its harmonic opulence, power and empathy to the guitar hero.

Better for the bridge position, with an unique 500k volume pot, without tone control.
(sample is made with an ash/maple/rosewood guitar with floyd, phaser+delay+rev)

KAMI "Daisho" convertible

Nothing but a true useful innovation!
  Since always the guitarists want the best of the both worlds in their guitar! This pickup proposes finally two authentic sounds, without transformation of the instrument.

  Looking like a humbucker, it hides a REAL 60' typed single-coil, AND a real rock humbucker.

  Far from the approximations, it is not a classic splitted humbucker, no place here for concession on this pickup! The "single-coil" side is made of a true deep bobbin, studs made of AlNiCo, Plain Enamel wire, the result is there: it sounds probably better than the PU of your strat!

  The "humbucker" part is also well made , short bobbin, nickel-iron studs, ceramic magnet: Powerful, hot, rich, and of a disconcerting ease! He growls probably better as that of your guitar too!
  The single and the humbuckers being very different by nature, long research on this pickup related to a number of parameters, and led so that one has the right to wait of a pro pickup, a new sure value!

  • 4 wire hook-up, wiring identical to a humbucker
  • AlNiCo5  and ceramic Magnets.
  • DC resistance : single 6k, humbucker 13k
(mp3: Bridge humbucker dirty, then single clean)

KAMI Wasabi! Humbucker Bridge - 15K

  This humbucker rocks! The output level is raised, and dynamics remains powerful. Wound in AWG43, it preserves much punch and compresses few for a pickup of such an output level.

  It profits from the natural ease of KAMI humbuckers. Comfortable, powerful and delicious low registers, burning mids, shimmering highs and  easily controllable.

Those who replace their bridge PU by a Wasabi!  all tell the same thing "This pickup is incredible, it's night and day !"

  It is conceived to reign in the field of power. The better you will understand it, the more it will be given !

KAMI Humbucker Bridge - 11K

Here is an engaging tone humbucker, designed for generate good clarity tones, a natural ease in playing.

For a medium-power, wound with AWG43 SPN, DC resistance is about 11k, charged with a specially calibrated AlNiCo 5 magnet bar. mid-power

Voicing has been defined in order to avoid blurry in the bass-range, while maintaining tonal balance.

It acts  in an articulated and aired way for the low strings, and more massive in the high-pitched notes, mids are singing like magic.

Rhythm licks and arpeggios benefits of a good judiciousness, and solos shows a balanced full spectrum with good reacting-touch.


KAMI 7 Strings Humbucker

All humbuckers on this page can be built in 7 strings version.

Picture shows a "Daïsho" lefty 7 model.

Sample is a Daïsho 7 bridge, then neck.

KAMI 8 Strings Humbucker

French luthiers do have a lot of inspiration, and are always looking for great things. This pickup is made for these overstringed instruments.
It's designed to fit the large spectrum, "classic" for the mid strings, more "bluesy" for the higher strings, and sharper for the lower ones, in order to deliver an homogeneous signal of the wide instrument's range.
Any string spacing, tone modeling and characteristics can be achieved on demand.
(the pic shows a passive model with AlNiCo/Neo mags, 16 slugs, 73.5mm spacing, epoxy potted, 4 wires)

KAMI -" humbucker-like" Single Coil

  This pickup hides a true sigle-coil tone in a humbucker look and size. When you find your guitar too loud with its humbuckers, this PU is the alternative, you can get a true 50' vintage tone, or any single-coil tone on this page in that format.

Rods are made of AlNiCo, baseplate of nickel-silver, and winding is made with Plain Enamel, Formvar or poly.

Astonishing by its realism, for a slightly granulous sound of the 50', more fluid of the 60' or more heat of A3&5, all the choices are possible!

It's not a splitted-humbucker, but a true innovation for a classic tone (Only contains one single coil)

Mp3 sample is showing its qualities in an alder/maple/rosewood guitar equipped with two pickups, A3&5 for the neck, 60'custom in the bridge.
First dirty neck, both neck&bridge in parallel in clean, and the clean  bridge alone.

KAMI P-90 Soapbar

"Classic" version :
  A legend single coil, with KAMI touch. Magnets are AlNiCo 5 and high quality pole-pieces are nickel-plated. Magnet-wire is AWG42 Plain Enamel in a classic 8.2k coil configuration.

It can bite or stay wise, a full balanced sound pushing you right into crunch without any complex ! With this pickup, all becomes possible.

It's sure and sane, your guitar will simply love that !

Available in either P90 or Dogear format, and Classic or Aero version (see Dogear below)

Special custom models on demand, the Youtube link shows a version with AlNiCo rods and bars, kinda Strat/P90/Jazzmaster hybrid.

Cédric Bieltiz KAMI P90Custom-LP MiJ-Zendrive-Blackface

KAMI Dogear

    Similar to P90, the Dogear is mounted on the table of the instrument using the "ears" overflowing of the baseplate and the cover, from where its name.

  Available in "Classic" version (see P90 above) for the vintage tone, or in a new alternative :

"Aero" Version :
  The power and balance remain identical to preserve this P90 character, but the grain is less present, globally more airy, the notes are more separated and articulated.
  It gives a more open playing feeling, and delivers a better contrast, as well in clean as in dirty.


  A genuine P-90 pickup installed in a traditional humbucker case. Plastic is used for the cap, as for original P-90, thus the structure obtained is perfectly identical to the reference. Nickel-silver  cap being a pale approximation, which privileges look rather than tone.

Available in either Classic or Aero  version, thus with or without screws through the PU between the A/D and G/B strings, like on a Soapbar version, which influence the final tone. It's possible to choose, going from very fluid kind of tone for a Aero model without through screws, until very charged for a Classic model with through screws.
Only limitation, an  overwound coil for Metal is not realizable, in order to stay conform to the original dimension.
Height adjustment is obtained by two screws and springs, same manner as a humbucker, and inserts normally in an ordinary HB ring. The output wire is a shielded braided cable.

Picture and sample shows a model without thru-screws, like a Dogear model

KAMI H90Jazz

Available as a conventional HB size, it's a P90 based single coil, designed for jazz, and for jazz only.

A good jazz guitar needs a good neck pickup, respecting the instrument's tone before printing its key of character.

Its character, just like the  "BLACKROSE" model from which it's inspired, is due to its unique combinaison of AlNiCo magnets and high permeability poles, resulting in a great playing transparency, and touch reaction of the expert.

It reacts in an exemplary way to the tone pot, combines precision in the detail and width in spectrum.

(the sample is made with the tone control at 1/2)


KAMI Strat Set 60'

These are single coils, forbon flatwork plate, AlNiCo 5 staggered poles magnets, Plain Enamel AWG42 wire and vintage cloth-wire.
Hand-made and slight wax-potted to cancel unwanted feedback.

Designed for a kinda powerful sound, they can easily enter in crunch, while still retaining well defined top-end.

Mid pickup is reverse-polarity and reverse-magnetizing to ensure hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4 on selector.

DC resistance are :
Neck 6.2k/Mid 6.3k/Bridge 6.6k

Voicing has been defined to be balanced, incisive and round... instinctive !
A real master key, it is marvelous for Funk, Blues or Rock.

KAMI  "André Poveda" Strat Set

>  Three pickups developed jointly with the Brazilian guitarist.

  Built with the best materials, this set takes the advantage of each position of the selector to offer a balanced and eclectic palette.

A powerful bridge pickup which respects qualities of a good guitar, a generous neck with a warm envelope, and a moderate output sparkling middle.
This general-purpose set is the effective musician's friend !

  • Bridge : Stag.  AlNiCo5, SPN AWG44 - 13k

  • Middle : Stag.  AlNiCo5, Plain Enamel AWG42 - 6.2k

  • Neck : Special stag. AlNiCo 3&5 mix,  SPN AWG43 - 8.8k

KAMI single Strat AlNiCo 3&5

It delivers a hot and enveloping character of a great softness. AlNiCo 3 confers it very rich sound, and AlNiCo 5 maintains the precision for the two low strings. The staging of the poles is on two levels.

It largely improves the sounding of any guitar. When used alone (but available in calibrated set), it's recommended in neck position for its multi-style ability, it is declined in two versions:

  • Classic : 6,2k  AWG42

  • Hot : 8,8k  AWG43

(Picture and mp3 :Hot version)

KAMI Tele neck

An outstanding Tele neck pickup, it uses AlNiCo 3&5 mix magnets, and Formvar AWG43 wire wound to 7.5k, against original creations.

Designed to surpass stock pickups in term of brilliance, the clean tone it delivers is out of the commun run.

KAMI Tele bridge

For a solid and well quenched lead tone, flanges are made of Forbon, magnets are stag AlNiCo 5, copper plated mild-steel baseplate, and SPN AWG43 wound up to 10k for enough output level, ans still  preserves good airy tone.

It is favorably wax potted, to immunize it against the microphonics of its plate.

Phase and magnet reverse compared to neck model,  for hum cancelling.

The mp3 sample shows initially the bridge dirty, then the couple bridge-neck on a clean setting.

KAMI Strat Set 50'

A vintage set, with AlNiCo 5 stag rods and Formvar AWG42 wire like the pre-CBS ones.

It provides this rich tone featuring flattering mids, very present grain, proposes the slapping of the cords and lets the playing of the guitarist be expressed. It's a great sensitivity set.

A good "trend" in the varieties of the moment, it has its place in the vintage registers , grunge, pop-rock...

Available in stock version (<6k) or overwound  (6,2-6,3-6,5k) or mix (i.e stock for the neck&mid, overwound for the bridge).
We advise windings under 6k for using with vintage stompboxes like "germanium" or so.

Mp3 sample is made with the overwound neck pickup, on a tube preamp, then a KAMI amp&speaker simulator, reverb, sound-card.

KAMI no PAF Jazz

An alternative recreated to find this warm and velvety tone, a consistency made to match with the old archtop guitars.

With its modest output level, its silky grain, it plunges you in a "hot chocolate world", subtle and reactive.

Built in a traditional way, as at the golden age, only with the best materials, it is available with cover, new or "aged", without ring.

(Demo is a 7.2k neck model, by Pascal Zeiger)


For a frightening tone, a PAF re-creation which made the best of  the guitar in the last fifty year.

As well in clean as with drive, it gives sustain,  grain, dynamics!

Realized in the pure tradition of the golden age, wound with Plain Enamel AWG42, protected by a paper tape, metal-keeper carefully adjusted by hand, AlNiCo5 magnet, maple shim, cloth braided shield wire, Nickel-Silver baseplate, nickel-plated pole-screws and slugs, wax potted only on request. Aged nickel cover on demand.
Another demo on youtube



Humbucker      : 99€
noPAF                : 99€
noVH77              : 99€
mini-HB              : 99€
Cover chr/Ni      : +18€
Gold pl. cover    : +25€
Cover aging        : +35€
Arashi                  : 105€
Katana                : 130€
Blackrose            : 160€
Daisho                : 120€
EE90                    : 99€
7 strings              : +20€
Single Strat        : 69€
Route66              : 75€
Lead Bridge        : 75€
Strat 57                : 75€
P90                      : 99€
H90                      : 109€
H90 Jazz              : 145€
Tele Neck            : 79€
Tele cover ni-si  : +10€
Tele Bridge          :  89€
Single form. humb. : 85€
Jazzmaster          : 79€ (158€ a set)

Please ask for special purpose models
For France : TVA non applicable selon l'art. 293 B du CGI.
All models can be changed without notice.

A custom model, any question...?
»Send me an email


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