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KAMI pickups

  Fantastic KAMI pickups are handmade, "cousu-main" in Ligny en Barrois - France.
A line of raced designs, all created to ensure playing comfort,
deliver astonishing tones and fitting easy in a mix.

  An extreme care is brought at every stage, the time needed to develop and construct a pick-up which is meant original is considerable!

  The choice of alloys, wires and other elements are critical, the suppliers are sorted out on the shutter, and every batch strictly controlled.

Some KAMI pickups are wound with vintage "plain enamel" wire, featuring the golden-age ability, which is'nt made anymore nowadays.
  Then comes manufacture, fitting of the metal parts, thermal treatments. Controls for dimensions and magnetic characteristics are performed after every operation.

  Scatterwound coils are hand-guided, and adapted for each type of pick-up.

  After assembling, new mechanical and electronic measurements are performed, before and after special wax potting.

  Pickups are let for a rest during 48h before being mounted in a guitar to be tested.

As asked by many pickups users, KAMI now makes stompboxes and preamps, made in the same way as the pickups : delivering great tones, easy to play and to pass in the mix, and made by hand !

  From the first chord, ease is striking, feeling lends you wings... KAMI means "Divine Spirit" in japanese.

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Single coil pickup, how it's made :

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