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After many years of use, a pickup can be damaged, or even not function at all.
Many problems can occur in a breakdown, short against the magnet, open or oxided winding, degaussed magnet etc.
We can diagnose, repair, regauss, in respect of the genuine materials and techniques, and advise for particular cases.

Some examples among many others:

Gibson P90 Dogear '49

A rare model from an ES175, one of the very first manufactured by Gibson. Made of glued pieces of plastic cracked by the years, the moisture is gone inside and has corroded the wire.
Once fixed, this pickup delivered exquisite tone, and more astonishing, very well suited for every kind of music style.

Gibson P13 '52

This exemple shows a very rare 1952' P13, having been restored with the same materials used in this era, and according to its owner, has recovered its original qualities.

Set H÷fner 513

Both two pickups of the same instrument have been repaired without replacing their windings.

Fender Musicmaster '61

...before / after...

A well-known problem seen on vintage Fender pickups, moisture settles between the uninsulated AlNiCo rods, and oxidation destroys the insulation of the magnet wire.

Prices :

Prices :
Taking into account and diagnosis : 15€
Rewinding (1 coil) : 20€
Regaussing : 7€
These pricing are a basis, every pickup fixing is unique, and so goes the pricing.
Please don't ship without our agreement !
For France : TVA non applicable selon l'art. 293 B du CGI.
Any question, custom model ? Feel free to send a message :
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