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Bass pickups


A passive design, associated to an adjustable-gain remote preamp (see description in "Pedals"), powerful and keeping that classic JazzBass tone.

Wound with Formvar wire, on a Forbon basis and AlNiCo 5 magnets rods, wax and epoxy potted in a closed cover.
It delivers classic tone with tons of power.

KAMI Vintage Precision

The early PrecisionBass were stock-equipped with this type of configuration, a single pickup, a bit forgotten, but featuring an attaching and effective tone. Vintage guaranteed tone and look! Built on a Forbon base, AlNiCo2 rods and Formvar hand-guided wire. On demand dimensions without supplement.

KAMI Jazz Classic

A traditional configuration for this set, with AlNiCo5 rods and Formvar hand-guided wire. Slightly more powerful than  stock, they preserve the grain and  spirit of vintage. A little  medium-emphasis confers increased playability. A  very high-quality set, able to immediately improve any instrument's quality.
Each pickup is individually calibrated for its neck and bridge position, spacing is respectively 56 and 58mm. Including classic black covers with holes, and fastening screws. Available in set or individual,  5 strings on request.

  • Bridge 9,1k
  • Neck 8,4k
  • Hum-cancellation when both PU are used.

KAMI PBass Classic

An efficient replacement set for upgrading even the bets instruments.
Magnets are selected AlNico, the magnet wire is Heavy Formvar, and the push-back is Cloth-insulated wire.
A real vintage spirit is jumping out of the instrument equiped with this set, well balanced between lows, mids and highs. It reliable in quite any kind of style.
Both bobbins are reverse-wound/reverse polarity and are silent in any situation. Covers on demand.


At the opposite to vintage, these pickups use the best of technology, and do represent the top of passive PU.
Combining high permeability / neodyme / aluminium to catch deep shades and dynamics of playing.
The tone is modern as a type, reacts well to tone knob, features large spectrum, balanced tone, and powerful even without an active preamp.


Set PBass XL  :  129€
Set PBass Classic : 99€
Set JB Classic : 165€
Vintage Prec. : 99€

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