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KAMI "Lead Drive"

  The last born of KAMI's forge ! A stompbox delivering amazing tones for blues-rock up to metal.
  Design succeeds in a simple an efficient pedal, featuring great tones with only three knobs, gain, tone, volume, in a cool red&white look, that's it!
  First of all, high quality sound was the motivation, the voicing is designed to obtain ample and fluid overdriven tones, with a lot of gain reserve.
  Heavy bass, nice chisel highs, articulate mids, with a pleasant and easy-to-control sustain, the whole thing pass trough the mix as limpid as it is cool to play.

  Two versions are available for this stompbox, with distinct output equalization, first the classic one for plugging into the "clean input" of a guitar amp, second the "direct output" for plugging into a power amp without preamp.

  The circuit is based on a low noise op-amp and a germanium transistor, capacitors are paper in oil, silver-mica, metal resistors, for a result easily comparable to any pedal or high-priced preamp.

Mechanical swithing is obtained by a 3PDT, the only one allowed to declare "true bypass" letting an intact signal when switched off.

Review by Judge Fredd :

  • Z in : 1M
  • Z out : <10k
  • Battery life : with alcaline 9v 6F22 : up to 100h
  • DC adapter plug : standard 2.1mm center+ (reverse on demand)
The sample is made with a Blackrose PU in the neck, and a Daïsho PU in the bridge.
First with the neck PU, gain at half. Then, with the bridge, and the gain at maximum.
The stompbox is connected to an amp-simulator, reverb, sound-card, no software correction.

On board preamp

A preamp to install on-board, its function is simply to boost the signal coming from the pickups.
Suitable for any kind of pickup to compensate a weak output level, for mixing passive and active pickups, or to get a huge drive into distortion units.
Gain is adjustable, the device is settled inside the electronic cavity of the instrument.

Frequency response is flat, thru a wide spectrum, and doesn't alter the pickup's preperties. The input impedance is similar to a jack connected to an amp.

The stock potmeters are still used, the preamp is placed between output jack and stock electronic.

Internal properties of the device can be changed on demand, nonetheless the genuine characteristics are suitable for lot of different uses. The circuit is epoxy-potted.

  • Input impedance      :  1Mohm /390pF
  • Output impedance    :  8kohm
  • Adjustable gain          : +3 to +16dB
  • Freq. response            : 5Hz to 80kHz (@ G=+3dB)
  • Battery supply            : 9 to 18Vdc


Lead Drive KAMI pedal : 189€
On board preamp : 89€

For France : TVA non applicable selon l'art. 293 B du CGI.

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