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Finishes optional


Complete equipped pickguard

For an easy replacement, including a plate equipped with KAMI PU of your choice, potentiometers, buttons, selector, tonality PIO cap, treble-bleed…
You choose the elements ( top quality USA parts , or Japan alternative), the colours of the plate, buttons, capacitors, even a custom-made pickguard if needed.
The mounting on the guitar is instantaneous, you only have to connect the output-jack and grounding wires.
Large amounts of omponents combinations can exist, so the pricing will be given for each specific demand.


We can make the components pre-assembly of your guitar's electronics  for a professional result.
You choose the parts brand, and a paper layout of the holes, and we deliver the whole harness.
Prices on demand, according to the instrument model and parts choosen.


So that the pickup corresponds to the look of the instrument, various matters and colors are available in option.


We can supply hard to obtain parts, like screws, pots, capacitors, selectors, made in USA, Japan etc.

Lapis Lazuli

Literally " blue stone" , the effect on the studs is purely cosmetic, and consists of a durable surface treatment of the metal, for an original eye-catching completion.

All models cannot be treated by this method

Nickel-Silver cover

Covers can be less or more aged on demand.

Wooden cover

Special purpose cover can be made on demand, just ask.

Single coil pickup

On demand, Strat pickups can be made straight as "active single coil" to fit in certain bodies.
Not all the options of this page are available for all combinations of pickups or guitars, please ask.

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