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Rock'n'roll band from Troyes-France, lots of work and experience form them in their results !

Alan made this demo with his Duesenberg with custom KAMI mini-HB pickups in regular HB size :

Cédric Bielitz

Blues guitarist with nice touch-feel, using vintage 355 or Strats, he makes good old licks great sounding in his band "Chicken bone", playing in Moselle-Est/France or Germany clubs. Listen to him now : ou

THESWORD - Kyle Shutt

During his live show in Paris-Bercy-France, Wildcustom offers to Kyle a custom Flying V. A great piece of lutherie, fiddled and adapted for the texas guy, and to not be mistaken, they entrust us the realization of the two humbuckers.
Kyle plugs his guitar to his stage amps, he will not quit it anymore ! He will use it live one hour later, that's the KAMI effect !

Photo (c) L. Remazeilles

Judge Fredd

A well know reporter in "Guitare Xtreme" magazine :

Ralph Santolla (Obituary)

In January 2008, DSC guitars ( releases the Ralph Santolla Signature model, and chooses KAMI to equip it with custom pickups at the level of the Californian virtuoso.

Neil Mellor

English pro guitarist, producer and music teacher at the age of 17, Neil has got a rich and eclectic cursus.
Session guitarist, he recorded all the clean samples you can hear in eJay software, and other video-games music with his KAMI-equiped strat.

Jonas Hörnqvist

A good virtuoso as only Sweden can produce ! Strat-fan, he likes huge distortion, and high-speed licks. Guitarist of the TREASURE LAND, author of guitar-methods, he's an achieved guitarist, and more, an extremely sympathetic person.

Pascal Zeiger

Great jazz amateur, he plays his Jacobacci (discontinued outstanding quality french luthier) with the NO SMOKING QUARTET, and in a duo with  Pierre Dor-ragon, ancien well known Gilbert Becaud's guitarist. Pascal is playing on the noPAF Jazz's mp3 you can hear in the "guitar" rubric.


Revealed at the "L'Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens" festival, side by side with Gojira, the band mixes all kind of styles, with metal guitars and arabic langage, gnawa, jazz, hip-hop...
Photo (c) Jif

Geoffray Montalbano

  The thousand instruments musician ! His creative talent isn't stopped by the guitar. From percussion to accordion, or using some strange wind instrument, Geoffray writes movies tracks, sequences inspired by literature masters which he plays live or in media library. 


He worn all the stages of the north of France and the Benelux countries, faithful to its band since more than a quarter century. Always in good mood, in loves  beautiful guitars and progressive rock, he will propose his songs to you; listen to his Myspace: 

André Poveda

  Introducing new guitar player from Salvador-Bahia  Brazil.

  Famous in his country for his many solo albums, or within "Zona Abissal", largely accustomed to "sporting" guitars with humbuckers, André signs his return to Stratocaster and great class single-coils.

  KAMI developed three new pickups, a powerful and sharp-edged bridge, a copious and very warm neck, and a more moderated and crystalline middle one.

  The objective was to gather good power response to get that metal-playing fluidity, limpidity for the clean sounds, and warmth for the blues licks.

  Combinations obtained are prodigious ! From metal to funk, while passing by samba, a single guitar can do everything !

Jean-Pierre Laval

A great guitar player from the south of France, he played for the greatest stars like Jean-Jacques Goldman, Garou,  Yannick Noah, Maurane, Claude Nougaro, Eve Angeli and many more well-known artists.

Daniel "DRAGUY" Jovic 

  Guitar builder from Valmont-France, he produces instruments with passion and patience. Always listening to the musicians who have confidence in him, he gives hundred times his work on his trade.
"Je la trouvais  belle , mais quand tu la fais jouer c'est de la balle . Tes micros sont sublimes... Beaucoup de musiciens cherchent "le son " , et bien pour les micros c'est kami sans hésiter"
Draguy-Kami Strat playing :

Cyril Lempegnat - Luthier at Wyrd guitars

Cyril manufactures carefully his instruments, and the spare parts too, mounted on others luthier's instruments.

Loïc Lepape - Luthier

Stringed-instrument made of atypical steel bodies :

Grégory Vidon - Amateur Luthier 

A different guitar, 9 strings and killer look !

Antoine Fallon

Well-known Belgian illustrator, and less-known guitarist.

Benjamin Jarry

Physicist of the space conquest, guitarist and luthier amateur!

Dominique Engles - Hurdy-gurdy maker

Dominique manufactures with great passion and attachment the wheel-hurdy-gurdies, traditional or electric, and implies in electroacoustic research.

Jerôme Utter

Student and amateur-luthier, he made some nice instruments, surprisingly successful.

Olivier Chevoppe - Luthier

Good methods for skilled craftmanship, that's Olivier !

Michel Vicenzot

  Guitar player for several years, and band-member of "MagicSounds", experimenter, Michel is always looking for new sensations, he owes his experiment to his sharpened ear. 

Didier Strentz

  Bass and guitar player using many varied techniques, Didier spends his whole time on his instrument. Music teacher, intervenor at the MAI of Nancy-France famous school of music, one can find him playing in bands like MAZZARO, LONDON'WAY... as well as in every smoking master-class in his town of Metz-France.
His page

Franck Laborie

Guitarist of [ LÖTRE ], a band delivering an organic and basic power-Pop , in which he expresses the violence of the existence, in a music oscillating between  rage and sweet melodies.

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