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About me

Sylvain Muller

Creator of KAMI pickups !

  I made my first pickup when i was 12 years old, in order to electrify  the old acoustic guitar inherited from my sister, by modifying a telephone microphone capsule. The whole was connected to the amplifier of a record player.

  An anecdote in connection with this history which I told, many years after, on an electronic forum... two years later I learned in the "strange" heading of a newspaper, that in Moscow one couldn't find a phone-box in working order anymore, because on the internet one could find an article which described how to electrify a guitar with a telephone capsule !!

  Towards the age of 14, I rewound the pickups of my first true electric guitar, a japanese Strat. This guitar underwent all my experiments, the first rock bands, the home-made active humbuckers... Many guitars laters, I did make dozens of tube amps,  lots of pickups for violin, ukulele, mini-guitar etc.

Designer electronician, music teacher, the holy Grail of guitar sounds still  remained my obsession !

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